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Cidre Honorié, Normandie

All the orchards are in the heart of the Pays d'Auge in Normandy, which allows constant monitoring of fruit all year round.

Our cider is made according to the rules of the art of "pure juice”. That is to say with a blend of apples, from the sweetest to the most bitter, picked at their ripest, pressed into pure juice, and left for a first round of fermentation.

Prior to bottling, the ciders are inoculated with yeasts generating a second fermentation that happens in the bottle.

Clear, sparkling, slightly foamy with a beautiful golden color and slightly orange.

Intense nose with strong aromas of ripe fruit.

A well-balanced bitterness and sweetness.

The cider mixes fruity and round flavors that will accompany all your dishes, cheeses and desserts.

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