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Champagne Victor Charlot, Marne Valley

Also available in 375ml

A tribute to the family heritage, this vintage was initiated by Gérard and perpetuated by Victor who uses his instinct and mastery in its production. It marks the house style which exudes the terroir of Moussy and Vinay, between the freshness of Chardonnay and the expressiveness of Meunier.
the nose
A discreet first nose which gains momentum with time to become rather rich and dense with notes of beeswax, fresh straw and white fruits. Then comes a praline and pastry expression in a register of hazelnut, almond paste and brioche.
the mouth
The attack on the palate is initially invigorating, dominated by candied citrus fruits. The Chardonnay brings all its freshness and tension to the wine which then becomes more complex with beautiful notes of mirabelle plums and stone fruits.
food and wine pairings
Scallop gratin, veal and endives with orange, osso-bucco.

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