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Champagne Vrain-Augé, Montagne de Reims

Also available in 375ml

Harvested from old vines 45 to 90 years old. Featuring aromas of red fruits. This grape variety is supple and fruity. Her bouquet
is intense. It evolves more quickly over time and gives the wine all its roundness.

Reasoned culture.
Manual harvest in boxes.
Whole harvests, Pressing, Use of native yeasts, Malolactic fermentation, Direct pressing.
Enameled bowl.
EYE: Amber color, numerous very fine bubbles, golden reflections.
NOSE: Light aromas of red fruits, subtle aromas of apple.
MOUTH: Fruity, light, supple, supple, structured body.
SERVICE TEMPERATURE: Between 6° and 8°
KEEP: Consume between 2017 and 2022
FOOD AND WINE PAIRING: For an aperitif
An Almost Perfect Wine 2016: An almost perfect wine
Dussert Gerber 2017: Wine cited
Tasted 100% blind 2017: 89/100

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